Alex Gailas did an incredible job in selling our Orinda home. He listed it at a price where he knew it would move and had it sold fast. He was caring and involved and listened to what the needs were and he performed. Alex was very involved and was there to help with the contractors and work that needed to be done prior to the sale of the house as well as when it was in escrow. Alex has a lot of good connections and can get things done fast! Look no further when looking for a listing agent, Alex is your guy. His marketing ability was outstanding and his years of experience shows!!
My wife and I recently closed on the purchase of a house in Orinda and we were represented by Alex. I met Alex in a Sunday open house for a house he was selling. At the time, I had been going to open houses for several months, almost every Sunday. I used these open houses not only to check out the houses, but as a way to “interview” agents I would want to use for the purchase of our house. When I met him I had narrowed my list to two other agents, but had not made any commitments. After talking to Alex for about 20 minutes and getting a feel of his personality, expertise, and ethics, I made my decision and commitment right there and then. It turned out to be an excellent decision!
Robyn S.
Walnut Creek CA

My girlfriend and I just recently purchased a house in Oakley with Alex Gailas as our realtor. It was our first house, so we were unsure of what to expect. Alex was great, coming out of his way to the Brentwood/Oakley area to show us houses that we were interested in. We offered on a couple different houses, and ended up with one of them! Alex kept us in the loop during the whole process, and made sure that we got a great deal. He was very professional, and understood our concerns as first time home buyers. I highly recommend Alex and his team if you are considering buying a house!
G. Scott

Alex is a long time resident of Orinda and knows the history of the city and its neighbors very deeply and gave us good pointers along the way. He always made himself available and accommodated our schedule when we wanted him to take us to see a house. While we were touring houses, his other talents such as a grasp for design and architecture became evident. He gave us ideas about things we could do to improve the houses we saw and on ways to prioritize our improvements. He was always honest and straight forward, not pushing us to make any offers -we’ve heard of other agents that only point out the good things about a house, not its flaws, as they want you to make an offer so they make their money and move on to the next client, but not Alex. A few times he flat out told us he would not recommend a certain house, while always saying we were in charge and if we wanted, he’d be happy to make the offer for us.
During the escrow process he was amazing. He was able to negotiate various repairs and considerations from the seller before removing contingencies. This was impressive, considering this is a market where buyers often have to waive all inspections in order to get an offer accepted. Also while in escrow Alex helped me immensely by going to the house multiple times and meeting with inspectors, contractors, repairmen, etc., while I was at work.
Even after closing he made sure we were okay and kept emphasizing to call him if we needed anything or had any questions. In short, he is a wonderful, knowledgeable, personable, funny… a good, honest agent. I highly recommend Alex if you are buying or selling a home.
I met Alex a few years ago after a referral from a friend recommended Alex as an area specialist. Even though my husband and I were not ready to sell at the time, Alex always stayed in touch, and checked in on us on many occasions. When my husband passed and it was time to sell our house, there was no question that Alex would be the agent to hire. He went out of his way for me and worked dilegently to make sure everything was taken care of, down to the smallest detail. He felt more like a friend than an agent. The sale of my house happened within weeks thanks to his hard work. He found the perfect house for me to transition into. I have found Alex to be professional, trustworthy, extremely hard working, and a man of integrity.

Helen Hofmann

Alex Gailas sold our rental property during the New Year season. As it turned out our property was a very difficult house to
sell. Alex brought in deal after deal and each fell through for one reason or another. He and I commiserated often. Alex hung in there. He was going to sell that house. Well we finally sold it thanks to his persistence. So I give him 5 stars. If you have an easy property to sell he will sell it fast and for a good price. If it is a hard sale he will sell it anyway.
Kathy M.

Alex Gailas is an extremely experienced and professional realtor.  I was trying to sell on my own and he rescued me.  What a difference he made in exposure and dealing with all the complex issues of selling a house in California!  His contacts with contractors, staging people and others in the community made the critical difference in selling my home of 25 years in Orinda.  He treats you like a close neighbor rather than just another client-- always there to do whatever it takes to solve problems in a dynamic market.  I highly recommend Alex to any buyer or seller in the area.


Jim Malot


We have sold 4 homes over the years and dealt with several real estate agents with several properties and Alex Gailas is by far the most professional, dedicated agents we've ever had.  From the very beginning  he proved himself to be very considerate, very knowledgeable and well connected to people who were able to get jobs done that needed to be done. Nothing was too hard for him to get accomplished. He went way above and beyond the call of duty. We were selling my mother's house and he treated her with the utmost respect and was able to make the whole process less painful for her. He has a way of making everyone very comfortable and we all felt like one big family. We knew if we had a problem or a situation we weren't sure how to deal with all we had to do was call Alex and he would have a solution for us. We all felt he had our best interests at heart and he made us feel like he was there to protect our interests. It was an absolute pleasure working with Alex and we would highly recommend to anyone interested in buying or selling a home.


Dennis and Maile Alfaro

Winifred Bailey


 It takes a uniquely talented and forward thinking individual to sell a home during a time of economic downturn. Alex was the third real estate agent we hired to sell our Lafayette home and the reason we finally sold. He succeeded where other agents failed not because of luck or connections or an ad here and there, but because he worked diligently to make the sale. It was Alex's assertive approach and effective marketing strategy that really paid off. He was determined to find the one perfect buyer for our home and by looking beyond our immediate area he achieved his goal. Alex is a competent real estate agent but more importantly, a consummate professional acutely aware of market conditions, prompt, always available and ready to provide the best services he can for his clients.

 Maureen Behrendt, AIA, CSI CCS

The first thing you need to know about Alex Gailas is that he has a fabulous eye. He will tell you exactly what changes need to be made in your decor to maximize your home's salability, He will photograph everything and create a full color, 4-page brochure on your home with the price you need/want to get - and get it for you! 
The second thing you need to know about Alex is that he is a MARKETING GENIUS. My house was listed on a Wednesday, seen by five people on
Thurs. One of the ladies returned on Sat. The deal was finalized on Sunday! at a great price - the highest in my area in three years, The third thing to know about Alex is that he is not only the PERFECT REALTOR, but also a most charming, kind and helpful person - always there when little things go wrong. In an era when we ALL NEED TO CONSERVE AND, IF POSSIBLE, ENHANCE, AS I DID, OUR RESOURCES, I CAN UNRESERVEDKLY AND WHOLEHEARTEDLY RECOMMEND ALEX AS THE MOST WONDERFUL, CANNY AND SUCCESSFUL REALTOR IN THE WORLD. THANK GOD HE'S IN THE BAY AREA JUST A PHONE CALL AWAY!!!

 Catherine Rice  Berger


I sold my home recently in what many say is the most challenging market for real estate in living memory. The amazing part of the story is that my agent, Alex Gailas, got me very good price, on terms very favorable to me and did it within 90 days. In a normal market this would be a good result but not remarkable. Bringing off this feat in the midst of potential global recession, huge unemployment, no-one certain of what will happen next, and fear haunting every person you talk to, is nothing less than a stunning achievement. 
 A few of Alex's qualities relevant to his job performance really stand out. He's still "in love" with his work at a time when others are either burned out or overwhelmed, he accepts no short cuts regarding the ethical guidelines that govern his work (we were dealing with a non local agent unfamiliar with county regulations and building codes and a deeply superstitious buyer) and his infectious sense of humor create fun in an otherwise grim process. 
 He also had to deal with me, a woman who had never sold a house before, nor built anything. Although I was diligent about maintaining the house, my only real interest in housing was aesthetics and landscaping. Locating receipts from the 38 years I'd lived there wasn't pleasant. My work involves interviewing people. Alex's attention to interviewing me, probing for salient information in a conversational manner rather than a business-like interrogation and then really listening to my responses instilled trust. From that moment we developed a team with clearly laid out areas of responsibility. I deferred to his extensive knowledge of real estate, construction, pricing, negotiation, RE law, etc. and he answered all my questions with patience. 
 You might interpret this as a portrait of a great agent. That's true. However, I know him as his alter-ego. I think of him as "The Magician". 
Laura Wills Mooney
Thank you Alex for selling my condo the day after it went on the market! In this tough housing market, your deep understanding of the Lamorinda area, thorough marketing strategy, and pricing knowledge made a huge difference. You guided me through all the negotiations and paperwork efficiently. The next time I buy or sell, I am going to call you without hesitation.
Susun Hardel


Alex Gailas was one of several realestate agents we interviewed to sell a house in Orinda.  After the interviews, we had a family meeting and all of us picked Alex, because of his 'go getter' attitude, and also because he looks you strait in the eye and tells it like it is.   Alex spelled out two options for selling the house and we chose one of those options.  Alex did exactly what he said he was going to do and did it in a very timely manner.  We couldn't be happier with Alex and his services.  He is a guy who knows what he is doing.  Anyone who chooses Alex to sell or buy a home is also going to be happy.
 Ron Bushell 


When my wife and I decided to sell our home in Orinda, the best move we made was to select Alexander Gailas as our realtor.  Alex is very talented and knowledgeable, and he brings high energy to his work.  Our house had several items that needed to be prepared for the sale, and Alex always negotiated a very favorable bid for the work.  He also followed through with all of the contractors to make sure the jobs were done properly.  We were extremely pleased with his work to sell our home, and to top it all off, within 4 days of bringing a great offer to us he found a new home for us that was just perfect, and made all of the arrangements for a simultaneous closing.  We could not have had a more positive experience!  We highly recommend Alex to anyone buying or selling real estate.
Tom Bruerton


Dear Alexander,
I can’t  thank you enough for getting us our house  in the Sunset District in San Francisco after looking for so many months.   We had looked at a number of houses that we wanted. At the time as you know it was a seller’s market and we were not having much luck with several other Realtors.   You came to us recommended and had our doubts, whether you were going to succeed, where the others failed, but you proved yourself  to be one of the best.  You helped us get the house we wanted at the price we wanted, which was remarkable considering the multiple offer situation. There are lots of realtors out there; but you set yourself apart with your experience in negotiating and looking out for us.   We would work with you again should we decide to sell or upgrade.
Many thanks
 Stanley L. Pas
Design Director
West Coast Leather

I have been a long time resident of Orinda and a past president of the Orinda historical society. Recently, I sold my house. I hired Alexander Gailas to do the job. I found him to be a man of outstanding qualities, among these are-integrity, creativity and nonstop energy. He is all around talented man and I would recommend him highly if you are considering selling your home.

His capacity of finding the right buyer is very important and his energy and creative solutions to problems is essential. He is hard working, intelligent and will get the job done for you-with a smile.

You are in good hands with Alex Gailas.

Gloria Brown Brobeck 


Dear Alexander,

This is a letter to thank you for our recent relationship in selling our house in  Orinda. You were very helpful in the recommendations you made on what to do  before we put I the  property on the market as even signed on with you.

You were always available to answer questions and made it extremely easy to sign all the papers and I did not need to take any time off of work. As you know our house sold on less than one week in a down market.

It was important that you are also a Broker as you have  knowledge when discussing offers and loans. Then you spend extra time in showing us rentals. Last but not least, it was fun to work with you in doing something that is stressful.

Thank you

Shirley Enderle and Richard Enderle


This is to let you how much I appreciate the work you did on selling my mother’s house. It is difficult at best to get through the emotional turmoil surrounding the sale  of a family home, but you were understanding and helpful. I know the preparation before putting it on the market was very trying. It took a great deal of effort and elbow grease to make the final push. You not only persisted, but I remember physically helping to load a bulky television into my van to make the deadline of those final days. I am pleased that you found a new family to live in the house and in record time. And finally, when we thought everything was going smoothly you called me when I was out of the country to clear up the last of the details in escrow.

Thank you for all your extra efforts

Susan Evans


  As a real estate broker in the Bay Area since 1974, I've had the pleasure of working with many good realtors. One in particular, Orinda-based Alexander Gailas of AG Realty is one of the best realtors I've met. His professional demeanor, calm and centered composure, his work ethic, and his commitment to his clients are stellar, and I hope others avail themselves to his expertise, and his warm hearted enthusiasm to his proffession.

Bendrew Jong



I have been impressed with his efficiency, knowledge of the market and attitude in handling the transactions

Bruce Leland


I am writing to express appreciation for your work on our recent land sale. I know this was not a big money maker for you, but it was a big deal for us, and you treated it as such. Your hard work and tenacity along with local knowledge and negotiating skills made this sole a reality. Again the board and I thank you for your efforts on our behalf.
 Jim senz
 President O.S.H.A

Alexander recently completed sale of an unimproved lot for me. The lot had problems of location and topography. Alexander worked skillfully and diligently. I recommend his services to any potential seller.

John Holmdahl, Sacramento

Retired Judge

Alexander provided both knowledge and professional expertise to our very quick closing. He facilitated the acquisition of a home I never thought I could own. His faith and patience were unfaltering. This couldn’t have happened without him.

Kathleen Duffy, Orinda


 “Your advice was sound throughout the process including the closing. Most important to my wife and I is that you took total responsibility and minimized the amount of time we had to spend together. You sold our home in a matter of days and well above our asking price. A seller cannot ask for anything more.”

James O. Collins, CFA
Chairman & CEO


Hey Alex,
we just wanted to thank you for all you did for us.  As a first time estate seller you made it so easy and  simple.  You have a great way with what you do, selling houses.  You made us feel comfortable and we trusted your every move.  We would highly recommend Alex for any of you house needs, very professional and easy to work with.

Kristin Baxter


Dear Alexander,
Lisa and I would like to thank you for all your personalized attention and management of selling our home. After carefully searching for a real estate agent that we would not only be comfortable with but whom we could trust with our most valuable possession we are thankful we found you. It is often the case in a business arrangement where everyone has their own interest and goals. But with you we felt that you had had no other interest than ours, that your goal was our satisfaction with your service and you getting us the best deal possible. We are glad to say that our feelings were correct. You exceeded our greatest expectations, and with our being in Michigan and your handling everything for us in California (construction, painting , cleaning…), we could not have been in better hands. The fact that we got more than 10% over what we were asking, the fact that we close in 20 days and the fact that we had to do nothing but choose from multiple offers and sign papers makes this one of the best business experiences we have had. Your attention to detail and concern for our best interests meant everything to us and was the foundation of the success of this transaction.
Alexander, we are extremely grateful for all you have done for us and wish you continued success.
Best regards,
Robert H. Schneider
Lisa M. Schneider


Dear Alexander,
We are very fortunate to have you represent us in selling our property. We had a very difficult time first with buyer, then with the HOA and finally with the lender, but you are like a capable captain guiding the ship through treacherous waters and finally reached land safely.
First, the buyer tried to delay the purchase, because she wanted to do 1031 exchange, but you were on top of things and made her follow the contract. Then there was some difficulties with the HOA and the lender, because of some paperwork requirements and again you kept constant contact with both the HOA and the lender to make sure the process went as smoothly as possible. We also appreciate your extra service buying a plant for the entrance to make it look more appealing and making arrangements to have necessary repairs and inspection done in a timely manner.
You have shown a high degree of integrity and professionalism which is rare commodity these days. We would not hesitate in recommending you to someone who requires a real pro in handling their real estate needs.
Many thanks again
Robert Wu
To whom it may concern:
We are in the rental property and home remodel business. We have been working with Alexander Gailas for a couple years now and he has been instrumental in helping us turn over properties and add new properties to our holdings. In the past, we have worked with a number of realtors and feel that basically anyone can fill out a contract. What sets Alexander apart as a realtor and broker are the skills that he brings to his profession. Alexander is a seasoned negotiator and is extremely savvy, with good business acumen. In today’s competitive market, getting your offer accepted takes going the extra mile and Alexander has really proven himself in this arena.
Currently we are in the process of finishing up work on a $2 million property which will go onto the East Bay market and Alexander has been instrumental all along in helping us make decisions that will ultimately bring about the best sale for us. We consider Alexander a friend and would highly recommend him as realtor and broker
Carol George


Thank you Alex for selling my condo the day after it went on the market! In this tough housing market, your deep understanding of the Lamorinda area, thorough marketing strategy, and pricing knowledge made a huge difference. You guided me through all the negotiations and paperwork efficiently. The next time I buy or sell, I am going to call you without hesitation.
Susun Hardel